Sea Canyon Home is a sober living environment in Dana Point, California. We support individuals in sobriety within a family community where there is mutual support of each other. The home is committed to promoting personal discipline, a strong work ethic, and foundation found in the 12 step recovery plan.

The house owners and senior resident have the certification of completion from the sober living network in developing and operating sober living housing and leadership training.

The Sea Canyon Home has been inspected and certified by an Orange County Officer and the Sober Living Network.

The Sea Canyon Home:

  • has zero tolerance rules.
  • has (2) Senior Residents.
  • requires 30 day minimum of being sober from a rehabilitation facility.
  • requires weekly 12 step, AA, NA, CA meetings (many within 3 mile radius).
  • has weekly home meetings with monthly guess speaker focusing on personal growth and accountability.
  • has weekly personal check in meetings with the Senior Resident.
  • requires residents to have a full-time job or actively seeking a job. Option: student enrolled in school with a part time job.
  • has enforced curfews.
  • has monthly family night with food and fellowship.
  • will have service outreach projects to help others. (organized by the residents)